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Jane Herman

I'm the founder of On the Town Tours in Toronto. Since 2013 we've offered an eclectic menu of tours that highlight Toronto's history, architecture, and culture. 50% of Torontonians (including me) were not born here. As a non-native, I've always been driven to understand how Toronto became the city it is today. My curiousity and love of learning have led me to study our city's history, architecture and culture in a deep and serious way, and in turn share my passion for our urban fabric and its treasures with visitors and curious residents alike. Come join me!

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by Jane Herman in Toronto
23 May 2017
Midland commercial bank 1

Exploring the Financial District and City Halls

Distance 1mi
Duration 40min
1 rating

Toronto has been an economic hub since the 1850s. Come take a journey through the heart of its Financial District. You will gain insight into the architectural and commercial evolution of Toronto, along with the innovations that enabled the... More»

Locicon Front Street...
Jane herman.jpg
by Jane Herman in Toronto
10 Aug 2017
Kensington market

Exploring Kensington Market, Chinatown and the Art Gallery of Ontario

Distance 2mi
Duration 60min
4 ratings

Explore the vibrant streetscape from the Art Gallery of Ontario through the adjacent Chinatown, and concluding in Kensington Market, an eclectic and historic neighbourhood that is a National Historic Sight. Learn about the history of Chinatown and... More»

Locicon 100 R McCaul...