James cowan

James Cowan

I grew up with Cardiff on my doorstep. I have never forgotten the thrill of visiting the city as a small child - the sight of its sometimes majestic, sometimes downtrodden, and sometimes quirky buildings, the sound of its bustling shopping streets and buses, and the smell of hops near Cardiff Central Station! After years of fleeting encounters with this city, as I flirted with cities and countries around the world, Cardiff became my permanent home in 1997 and, since then, discovering its incredible but as yet largely unknown history has been an ever growing and consuming passion! They add up to a story waiting to be told! The story of a settlement which has been here for 2000 years, and has witnessed cycles of triumph and disaster, rise, fall and rise again. Signs of Cardiff’s changing shape and fortunes over the centuries remain all around the city centre. I have developed a number of guided history tours and ghost tours around Cardiff under the auspices of my own company, Cardiff History and Hauntings. I have also written and presented a number of local television programmes on Cardiff’s History. If you already live in Cardiff, I hope I can help you see this city in a new and different light. If you are visiting Cardiff, then I hope you will be left fascinated, intrigued, and eager to return! https://www.cardiffhistory.co.uk/

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James cowan
by James Cowan in Cardiff
19 Jul 2018
Cardiff castle 1760 cropped

A Journey back to Tudor Cardiff

Distance 2mi
Duration 60min
2 ratings

This tour helps you escape the modern city of Cardiff and picture what it was like to walk through the streets of the tiny but lively Tudor Town of Cardiff in the 1500s. Most (but not all) of the Tudor buildings are long gone, but thanks to... More»

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James cowan
by James Cowan in Cardiff
03 May 2018
Alexandra gardens

Cardiff's Civic Centre

Distance 1mi
Duration 40min
3 ratings

This tour is your chance to explore what is widely regarded as one of the finest collections of public buildings in the whole of Britain, strikingly presented with domes, towers, columns, and statues, and elegantly laid out amidst peaceful... More»