CC Hart

I am a writer, artist and synesthete; my senses are conflated through a neurological phenomenon called synesthesia. Like many people with this condition, I have multiple forms of interlinked perception. I see all of my numbers and letters in color. I feel units of time around my body. For me, music has color, texture and sensation on my skin as much as it has sound. I feel lucky to live in San Francisco, California, an incredibly dynamic and creative city. I'm delighted to have your company on journeys that are filtered through the lens of synesthesia. Let's go!

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by CC Hart in San Francisco
12 Nov 2015

Syn City SF: The Haight-Ashbury

Distance 3mi
Duration 90min
8 ratings

The Haight-Ashbury is San Francisco's most colorful neighborhood! It's even more spectacular when viewed through the filter of synesthesia, a rare neurological condition that fuses one's senses. Synesthetes experience sensations such as colored... More»

Locicon 1873-1899 Ha...