Publishing and Sales Tutorial

How to create, promote, and sell your VoiceMap tour


You should have your tracks all recorded know. You’re almost there! All you need to do is fix them up, if you need to, and export them.

  1. Go to the directory where you’ve stored all your saved tracks. Open the first track you recorded.
  2. If you need to edit the track, now is the time to do so. There are some links to help you combat common problems at the end of this tutorial.
  3. If your voice sounds cool and somewhat distant, download our vocal warmth equalisation pre-set, and then click on Effects. Select Equalisation. When the equalisation window open, click on Save/Manage Curves, and then Import. Locate the pre-set in your library, and click Open. Then choose it from the list, and click OK, and then OK again to dismiss the dialogue.
  4. As a last step, select Effect and then Normalise. Click OK.
  5. When the track is ready, select File and the Export. Choose a directory to save into, and give your track a name (or keep the old name).
  6. Under the Save as type drop-down menu, choose MP3 Files. Don’t click on Save yet.
  7. Locate the Options menu on the bottom right. Make sure the Quality is set to 128 kbps. Click Save.
  8. A new dialogue box will pop up. Under Artist name enter your full name, and give your track a title. Under Album title, type the name of your route. If you click on Set default on the bottom right, you’ll only need to type in the track title for the rest of your exports. The rest of the track information will be filled in by default.
  9. Select OK. Your track will be ready to use. Repeat these steps for each track.
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