Publishing and Sales Tutorial

How to create, promote, and sell your VoiceMap tour

Dashboard Details

On, you’ll see your estimated royalties to date, a list of payments made to you, and a real-time sales report listing all downloads of your tour. The sales report also shows how your customers downloaded your tour.


Understanding the dashboard

If you aren’t sure what specific terms on your dashboard mean, you might find the following glossary useful.

  • Cost: The price paid for the sales in that row. If you have changed the price of your tour over time, the different prices will appear as different rows.
  • Royalty Percentage: Your royalty is calculated by multiplying this percentage by the list price minus app store fees.
  • iOS and Android Sales: In-app sales on the respective platforms. iOS and Android take a 30% commission from in-app sales.
  • Web Sales: Sales directly from the website. This revenue is split entirely between VoiceMap and the storyteller with no outside fees.
  • SWF Redemptions: Share with Friends redemptions, the number of times your tour has been downloaded using a share-with-friends code. At the time of writing, VoiceMap gives a royalty of $0.35 per SWF download.
  • Free Coupon Redemptions: Number of tour downloads from free tour coupon codes.
  • Paid Coupon Redemptions: When a storyteller purchases coupon codes from VoiceMap for resale, the total number of paid coupon redemptions is counted here.
  • Reseller Coupon Redemptions: When a third party reseller, such as TripAdvisor or a museum for instance, sells your tour your royalties are awarded when the coupon code is used and the total number of codes used is counted here.

A spreadsheet for estimating your revenue based on the various types of sales is available here.

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