Publishing and Sales Tutorial

How to create, promote, and sell your VoiceMap tour


Welcome to VoiceMap, a publishing tool and marketplace for location-aware audio walks, cycles, drives, and boat rides that is also a new, immersive way of telling stories.

This is an introduction to the medium in five steps: planning, writing, editing, recording and publishing. It’s also a guide to marketing and selling your tour, how and when we make payments, and the help you can expect from us along the way.

When you start a VoiceMap, we’ll assign an editor to your project. They’ll help you through the process of publishing a tour that delights listeners. We’ve done this hundreds of times and we know what works, which saves you the trouble and time of trial and error.

Our help doesn’t stop with our editors. We’ll market your tour and work with you to ensure the impact of your story is maximized. To consider what marketing strategies might work best for you, before publishing you may find it useful to read about promoting your tour, how you get paid, and profitable options available for selling your tour. After publishing, you make royalties with every download.

Just remember that this is only a guide. We’re offering advice based on our experience, but we also love learning from our publishers and taking the medium in new directions.

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