Maria Bar

Hi, I’m Maria and I’m excited to share a bit of Chicago with you! A Midwesterner through and through, I grew up with Chicago in my backyard and have been discovering new things to love about the city ever since. With a background in the performing arts, broadcasting and experiential education, I have an interesting mix of experiences – I've worked as an actor in theatre, film, tv, and even in hospitals. I've taught international students in Prague, Vienna, and Berlin, as well as all over the United States. I became a tour guide to combine some of the things l love most: talking about Chicago’s history, architecture and beautiful landmarks,
bragging about our theatre scene, food options, and sports teams and continuing to walk the city and discover new things. I’ve done a fair amount of traveling, but have many areas still in my “Places To Go” list....Africa, China, Iceland, Thailand, Ireland, etc., etc., etc. But for now, I'm a tourist in my own city. Join me!

Tuck into delicious design and standout dining on a tour of the gallery district
ByMaria Bar, 07 Sep 2020

Walking Tour

30 mins