Publishing and Sales Tutorial

How to create, promote, and sell your VoiceMap tour

Choose your microphone

We aren’t purists about sound quality, but a good mic makes a big difference to the overall impact of your route. It’ll also help your voice compete with a noisy environment. In Hanoi, for example, where buzzing scooters and hooting motorists make an incredible din, any subtle intonation is easily lost.

Most laptops have built-in microphones, and while you can make do with them, the majority aren’t intended for anything but Skype calls. Headsets with attached microphones are a step up, and many smart phones can record studio quality sound in the right environment. Dedicated mics are ideal, but they’re pricey. In some cases, we can also courier a mic to you on loan, and cover the cost of sending it back. Send an email to [email protected] if you’d like to find out about this.

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