Publishing and Sales Tutorial

How to create, promote, and sell your VoiceMap tour

Choose the right environment

If you’ve worked with audio before, you’ll know that seemingly imperceptible sounds can make it into the recording. Anything from a running tap next door to the hum of your fridge might be picked up, depending on the sensitivity of the microphone you’re using.

The best place to record is a quiet, carpeted room with curtains. Tiles and walls bounce sound around, and they give a bit of an echo. You’ll also find that the quality is a little ‘cold’. There’s a simple solution for this – although you might feel a bit silly. Get a blanket, and put it over your head and the mic when you record. It will make a huge difference – your voice will sound more warm and natural.

Choose a time of day when nobody’s bustling about and there’s no traffic. If there’s always a bit of ambient sound, it’s best to use a microphone that won’t pick it up, like a headset.

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