Publishing and Sales Tutorial

How to create, promote, and sell your VoiceMap tour

Publishing agreement

This is an overview of VoiceMap's publishing agreement. The complete terms and conditions for publishers are available here, as a PDF.


When somebody buys a route, the publisher earns royalties equal to 50% of the purchase price, minus payment processing costs. Payment processing costs vary by platform. If a route is purchased in app, a straight 30% fee is deducted by either the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Payments made using a web browser, at, are processed by Paypal and are subject to a more complex calculation that varies according to the where the purchase was made. These fees are generally lower than the fees for in app purchases.


VoiceMap does not acquire ownership of any geodata, images, text or audio uploaded to the platform by publishers, but we may use parts of a route for promotional purposes, including printed and online campaigns.

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