Publishing and Sales Tutorial

How to create, promote, and sell your VoiceMap tour

Final touches

Your route's final touches are like a book cover. They're an enticing overview, along with a few practical tips. You’ll need to complete all of the fields before you can save your changes.


Your VoiceMap is sold here, at, and within our mobile apps. We use the iTunes App Store’s pricing tiers, denominated in US dollars. You can select any price between $0.99 and $9.99. To understand how we calculate royalties, take a look at a sample report.

When you choose a price, think about your target audience. Where is your route going to be used? You can probably charge more in London than you can in Cape Town. If your tour is general and has a wide audience, keeping the price low is generally a good idea, because you'll sell more copies. If it has a narrow but passionate target audience, you might want to choose a higher price.


Your route description is an opportunity to sell your VoiceMap, and instead of describing where it goes, try to hook listeners on the story you've told. Why is it important to you? Who are its most important characters? What makes the place they'll pass along the way special?


Your route’s photograph is the most visually striking part of your route definition. It’s used across a number of devices, and in some places, it’s a wide banner; in others, it’s a square thumbnail. Here are some guidelines:

  • Choose a landscape image, cropped to 1920 by 622 pixels.
  • Try to avoid photos of the city as whole. Choose something specific to your route instead.
  • Choose an image with a central focal point. This is what users will see in the mobile apps, when they look at the list of routes.

Directions to the starting point

If you make it easy for users to get to a route’s starting point, you make it easier for them to buy it. Where possible, do more than just list an address. Try to include public transport links and nearby parking, as well a few landmarks that make the starting point easy to find.

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