Yumna cropped
by Yumna Mohamed in London
23 Feb 2019

Art and Murder in Whitechapel

Distance 1mi
Duration 25min
5 ratings

Most tourists flock to the glamorous West End to see the usual sites, but few get to experience the real charm of London. Whitechapel is at the heart of the East End. Known in popular culture as the haunt of Jack the Ripper and the Eastenders soap... More»

Gideon granville
by Gideon Granville in Cape Town
01 Sep 2015
Sea point promenade audio walking tour

Sea Point Promenade

Distance 2mi
Duration 65min
21 ratings

This is, without doubt, Cape Town's favourite walk, and the whole city comes out to Sea Point to stretch its legs, take in the sunset, smell the sea air and walk dogs.

The walk starts at a landmark visited by Charles Darwin in 1836, meanders... More»

Locicon Sea Point Pr...
Gideon granville
by Gideon Granville in Cape Town
01 Sep 2015
Sea point promenade audio walking tour

De Sea Point Promenade

Distance 2mi
Duration 65min
0 ratings

Dit is zonder twijfel de favoriete wandeling van Kaapstad en de hele stad komt naar Sea Point om zijn benen te strekken, de zonsondergang te zien, de zeelucht te ruiken en honden uit te laten.

De wandeling begint bij het oriëntatie punt bezocht... More»

 dsc0393j portrait 2
by Justin Fox in Cape Town
12 Sep 2019
Justin fox lighthouse cropped

Mouille Point Promenade: A Maritime Meander

Distance 2mi
Duration 60min
20 ratings

Justin Fox has an abiding passion for the Mouille Point seafront, where he has lived since 2000. Join him on a walk that takes in the evocative history of shipwrecks, gun batteries, early lighthouses and tragic suicide. The route sets out from... More»

Locicon Haul Road
Eve profile 2
by Eve Sandler in Cape Town
31 Oct 2016
Fb cover pic 2

The Company's Garden

Distance 1mi
Duration 20min
12 ratings

Something started when those first Dutch ships swung about and pushed themselves through the heaving swells to dock right here. They started a story in which the past keeps colliding with the present. Well, that’s my take on it. On this tour I’ll... More»

Coffeebeans routes
by Coffeebeans Routes in Cape Town
27 Oct 2016
Mural struggle cape town

Revolution Route

Distance 2mi
Duration 60min
14 ratings

A journey through revolutionary struggle in Cape Town. Written by journalist and activist Gael Reagan, and produced by Iain Harris, the Revolution Route is infused with performance poetry and original music. It explores stories and characters of... More»

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by Tamara Arden in Johannesburg
25 May 2015

Evolution of Braamfontein

Distance 1mi
Duration 40min
2 ratings

Let me take you on a journey through the evolving cityscape of Braamfontein. Walk through the hustle and bustle of the lively city and awaken your senses to the aromas and activity surrounding you. Experience Joburg's cultural melting pot, where... More»

Locicon 36 Hoofd Street
by Bias in Johannesburg
14 Dec 2015
Bias cover pic

Newtown Graffiti and Heritage Walk

Distance 1mi
Duration 30min
8 ratings

The Newtown area is one of Johannesburg's most interesting examples of urban renewal and cultural diversity. The city is changing daily and becoming increasingly more colourful in the eyes and hearts of the people.

Join me on a walk around this... More»

Locicon 0A Gerard Se...
by Kin Bentley in Port Elizabeth
28 Mar 2017
Donkin reserve new

The Donkin Reserve and Surrounds

Distance 2mi
Duration 70min
2 ratings

Port Elizabeth owes its existence to one major historical event: a decision by Britain’s House of Commons on 12 July 1819 to approve the expenditure of £50,000 on the Cape Emigration Scheme.
By late that year, tens of thousands of applicants had... More»

Locicon 26 Belmont T...