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by Kenn Delbridge in Singapore
16 Feb 2016
Boat quay

The History of Trade in Singapore - from Chinatown to Boat Quay

Distance 2mi
Duration 50min
6 ratings

A walk from the beautifully preserved ethnic area of Chinatown to the modern skyscrapers of Boat Quay, this route traces the history of trade from the time of its founding in 1819 through to the economic and cultural marvel that is modern Singapore.

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by Joelyn Alexandra in Singapore
28 Jun 2016
Sentosa audio walk voicemap singapore

Deviant Archive File #001

Distance 1mi
Duration 40min
0 ratings

It's Brotherhood Year 35, and rebels Suria Kastari and Kane Connors are running from the Enforcers. Now at a dead-end, it's either to containment, never to see the light of day again, or onwards to Forbidden Islet, which has been barricaded since... More»

by Farid Mardhiyanto in Jakarta
21 Apr 2016
Jakarta museum audio walk walking tour 1920

Jakarta City Center

Distance 2mi
Duration 70min
3 ratings

Visiting the bustling, chaotic Indonesian capital requires some guidance. Join local guide Farid as he navigates you through some of the most visited areas in the city centre. Check out the major highlights of the city and some of the most... More»

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