• LOCATION 4 | The Kennedy Homes of Georgetown

    Turn right onto 35th Street

    We’re turning right onto 35th Street. I wanted to take you this way because it’s an interesting street in terms of architecture and historic places. We’ll continue straight to Dent Street so it’s an easy route to walk.

    Let’s talk about John and Jackie for a few minutes while we head to their honeymoon home. This Georgetown neighborhood is where John came of age in Washington. He was a young Massachusetts congressman while living here, having just finished his first two-year term. John enjoyed being around his younger sister at the previous home we saw, often playing cards into the night. But, John certainly wasn’t without female attention. He was the most eligible bachelor in town. He was good looking, wealthy and a war hero, which made him irresistible for many. Women wanted to be with John, men wanted to be like him.

    Legend has it John and Jackie met at a dinner party in 1951. But in Washington there are always two versions of stories. The two first met on the street about six months earlier when Jackie was working for the Washington Times-Herald newspaper as a “camera girl” who interviewed people for the day’s topic and took their photo. It was a beginner’s job, but she came across John one day.

    But when they met the second time, John took a much longer look at his future wife. She was beautiful, college educated, Catholic, and most importantly, a Democrat.

    John later recalled: "I leaned across the asparagus and asked for a date,” while later saying, “I'd known a lot of attractive women in my lifetime ... but of them all there was only one I could have married -- and I married her."

    Speaking of young ladies, you should be nearing the Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School on the left. It’s considered the elite girls school in Washington with many students later attending Georgetown. Let’s just say tuition costs rival college costs.

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The Kennedy Homes of Georgetown