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    3307 N Street

    3307 N Street on Washington, D.C. audio tour The Kennedy Homes of Georgetown

    Take a right here, and look out for 3307 N Street, the jewel of the tour. It’s a stand-alone red brick building where the Kennedy’s lived from 1957 till leaving for White House. Stop in front of it while I tell you about it.

    3307 N Street is one of the nicer homes and where John and Jackie lived.

    This is where Kennedy lived while he campaigned for president. He held press conferences on the steps by the sidewalk and interim Cabinet meetings in the back yard. This is also where his daughter Caroline was raised and son John John was born, just 17 days before moving to the White House.

    The federal-style mansion was built in 1811. It has 4,100 square feet, four bedrooms and 3½ baths. John bought it for $79,000 in 1957 and sold it for $105,000 just months after becoming president. Can you imagine negotiating a home sale with the president? Today, the home is worth $3.2 million after extensive renovations in 2001.

    Jackie liked to joke the house leaned to the left a little. John kidded of being a prisoner of beige that Jackie preferred. Some of the furniture later went to the White House.

    This is a great spot to feel a sense of history. Of famed CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite walking in to do a big profile on John. Of vice president Lyndon B. Johnson standing with Kennedy at the door for photos. Of Jackie heading to the car in her gown trying to duck the heavy snow for the president’s inaugural ball. Of a steady presence of Washington’s who’s who passing these steps to see the Kennedys.

    This was where it all happened.

    We’re now moving on to 3260 N Street. Cross the street, and then head along N Street on the right-hand sidewalk.

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The Kennedy Homes of Georgetown