The Kennedy Homes of Georgetown

    Rick snider
    09 Jan 2015
    Clock 40min      Length1mi
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    3038 N Street

    Pay wave

    House for two weeks before accepting the invitation of Undersecretary of State Averell Harriman to stay at 3038 N Street for as long as needed.

    Unfortunately, Jackie didn’t feel safe because the front door opened into the street that was often filled with mourners and tour busses so she left after several months to another home more off the street a few houses away.

    3038 N Street was built in 1805. It’s 7,300 square feet with nine bedrooms, 7 ½ baths and a dining room table that seats 18 people. The children’s bedrooms were modeled after the White House so Caroline and John John wouldn’t feel displaced.

    One last stop. Cross the street where possible and near the end of the block is 3017 N St.

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