• LOCATION 14 | The Kennedy Homes of Georgetown

    3017 N Street

    Our final stop of Kennedy homes is undoubtedly the most impressive. 3017 N Street is known as the Newton Baker House. He was the Secretary of War during 1916-20 while overseeing the country’s entrance into World War I.

    The home was built in 1794 and is believed to be the second oldest in Georgetown. Jackie liked that it was far from the street for privacy. It has three stories, 14 rooms, an elevator and 6,258 square feet.

    Some of John John’s toys, and some fabric Jackie wanted to use for curtains, are still in the basement. They only lived there three months before moving to New York in 1964.

    If you turn around, the house on the other corner was once owned by Robert Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln.

    Well, that’s it. There are two places you should visit nearby: the Old Stone House and the canal. The Old Stone House is at 30th and M Streets, just a block down from here. The canal runs along the bottom of town just a short distance below M St.

    The Old Stone House is the oldest colonial structure in Washington, built in 1765. It was mistakenly thought to be George Washington’s headquarters and purchased by the National Park Service. Turns out it wasn’t and is now a museum simply for its age.

    Thanks for coming on my tour of the Kennedy homes in Georgetown. For more information on other tours, visit voicemap.me or my website capitalphotohistory tours.com. I’m Rick Snider, thanks for listening.

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The Kennedy Homes of Georgetown