• LOCATION 3 | The Kennedy Homes of Georgetown

    1400 34th Street

    John came to 1400 34th Street in 1949 to live with his sister Eunice for two years until she became engaged to Sargent Shriver. The Georgia-style mansion was nicknamed “Big Red” for its massive 3,940 square feet, which is rather large for this neighborhood. The home was built in 1900 with three bedrooms and four baths and is now assessed by city tax rolls to be worth $4.2 million. Wow. There are more expensive homes nearby, but not many.

    Eunice didn’t always get the attention her brother did, but she was a leader in creating the Special Olympics for those with disabilities. Eunice died in 2009.

    Let’s get started on our journey to 3321 Dent Place, which is the longest trek in our tour. Walk one block back to 35th Street and turn right. I’ll tell you more about John and Jackie during our travel plus a few places to see. It will take about 10 minutes to the next home, but luckily there’s much to talk about along the way.

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The Kennedy Homes of Georgetown