Tour Locations | Greenway Quartet: The Grove

  • LOCATION 26 | Greenway Quartet: The Grove

    The Grove

    Let's take the dirt path down the slope. There's a white mosaic wall to the left.

    The figure is sitting on one of the rocks in front of the mosaic. It is Dorine!

    Wait, don't go any further. She’s motioning for me to stop...uh...she’s writing something on a small whiteboard.

    She can hear me, but I can't hear her.


    She’s writing more. Um... something about the men in gray are on our side...and...what? She's trying to get me back?

    I’m trying to get you back, Dorine. You went through the leak at the Haupt Garden. I’ve been trying to find you ever since.

    She’s shaking her head and writing more... that I went through the leak... I'm the one in another dimension...this can't be right...

    I'm the one that went through a leak?

    Well, take me to a leak that’s an exit.

    She writes that she can't. I'm different. I change the leaks when I get too close.

    Is that why you and Jorski and Whitlow keep disappearing?

    She’s nodding yes. Wait. Dorine is getting blurry again. I can barely make her out.

    Don’t go! Don’t leave me!

    She’s writing something else...Amicus Hortus is coming. Leave now...

    She’s gone.


    No, wait. I think she’s coming back. I see someone next to the mosaic. But she’s different. She’s wearing a green scarf.

    It’s not Dorine. Who ever it is is pointing right at me.

    We have to get out of this garden. Let's turn around and leave by the dirt path the same way we came in. But this time, veer to the right and walk behind the building.

    Let's go.

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