Greenway Quartet: The Grove

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    26 May 2016
    Clock 20min      Length1mi
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    Stone Seats

    Pay wave

    Okay, sit down here on the stone seats.

    Whitlow just forwarded me a long document. Let me take a quick look over this...

    Um...he and Jorski are part of a group of independent researchers trying to understand the transdimensional leaks...uh... Okay this seems important...they’ve found leaks happen along fractal connections between certain human-made and natural objects.

    So mine and Dorine’s theory about trees and geometric forms wasn’t far off. don’t always know where the leaks will happen along the connections. Well, that's unhelpful.

    Is there anything else useful in here? Um...Whitlow and some researchers have traveled between dimensions...Wow...they’ve already visited eleven different dimensions....something, something...leaks are, this is interesting....the leaks don’t always work both directions... Some are only entrances and others are only exits.

    Ah...that must be what happened to Dorine. She found a leak that was an exit only and traveled into another dimension, but couldn’t get back through the same leak. document also says that this park is special. There are a lot of entrances and exits here. That must be why Whitlow keeps disappearing and reappearing.

    [TEXT SOUND] Jorski's here. By the central fountain. Let’s stand up and face the path, then go right and walk down it toward the next path intersection.

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