Tour Locations | Greenway Quartet: The Grove

  • LOCATION 2 | Greenway Quartet: The Grove

    Navy Memorial Compass

    Stop here at the compass.

    I don’t know where my research into the transdimensional leaks is going. I’ve been lost. First Dorine disappeared in the Enid A. Haupt Garden, then both the men in gray suits disappeared in the U.S. Botanic Garden.

    I’m really scared of disappearing myself. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for a text I’ve been getting over and over again.

    Turn around and face the large stone building with columns across the street. It’s the National Archives. We’ll turn to our right and walk to the intersection up ahead. Let’s go.

    The texts started coming a few weeks ago. They said I should go to the National Gallery's Sculpture Garden and also gave a day and time.

    I missed the first date, then the second. Then another and another. I thought I could just ignore them and maybe they would go away. They didn’t. That was when I decided it was safer not to leave my apartment.

    I don’t know who the texts are from. It could be Dorine. Or it might be someone else.

    But ignoring them wasn’t going to make this go away. I need all of it to stop. That's why I’m here.

    We’ll keep walking until we reach the intersection.

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