Tour Locations | Greenway Quartet: The Grove

  • LOCATION 9 | Greenway Quartet: The Grove

    Garden Club of America

    What’s that low stone alcove ahead on the left side of the path? It looks like there’s a plaque on the left wall at the entrance.

    The Garden Club of America. I guess this is where Whitlow wanted us to go. Let’s stop inside the alcove.


    Whitlow’s appeared right across from us, standing just outside the alcove on the path. He’s shaking his head with a worried look on his face. He’s motioning for me to look at my phone.

    [TEXT SOUND] He says Amicus is bad news and we should leave here. Now.



    [TEXT SOUND] Uh, okay. The Silver Tree in the Sculpture Garden. He’s disappeared again.

    We’ll continue on the path in the direction we were going, all the way to the street.

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