Tour Locations | Greenway Quartet: The Grove

  • LOCATION 21 | Greenway Quartet: The Grove

    Center Fountain South

    Jorski is still moving around the edge of the fountain. Let’s stop for a second. I’m getting a bad feeling about this.

    Oh... Jorski’s stopped too. He looks angry. Another text: HURRY. NO TIME. AMICUS HORTUS KNOWS.

    I’m asking him what Amicus Hortus is.... really not a good feeling about this...

    Now he says: THEY CAN’T DISCOVER YOU.

    Discover me? I don’t understand.

    Jorski texted: DORINE CAN TELL YOU. HURRY.

    Dorine. Is she with the men in gray suits now?

    Let’s keep walking around the fountain to our right.

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