• LOCATION 26 | Stories and Secrets of Viterbo

    Via S Pietro

    Stop here on the corner to admire the monastery and church of Le Duchesse or Visitazione on the opposite side of the street.

    Here on the same wall you can take in three different architectural styles used over the centuries. A Gothic bifore window, a Renaissance doorway and a Baroque bell tower. They are all proof that Viterbo is truly a layer cake of history and architecture!

    Three green doorways line the monastery's facade. The first is the church entrance. The third doorway, flanked by circular windows, leads to the atrium of the monastery.

    Inside the atrium, you can see a grill-covered window, the only contact these cloistered nuns have with the outside world. Next to it is the "ruota" wheel. This was where infants were left by mothers who could not look after them.

    Feel free to visit the Atrium. When you're done, or if you want to keep going now, Come back to this side of the street, and continue walking Via S Pietro, with the street on your left.

    As you walk along the street towards the city walls, you can catch a glimpse of three spiral chimneys on a rooftop on the left, a very picturesque image.

    Keep going along Via S Pietro.

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