• LOCATION 21 | Stories and Secrets of Viterbo

    Piazza San Carluccio

    Stop here for a moment in the Piazza San Carluccio.

    Here you'll find many antiques shops, artisans' workshops, hidden corners and courtyards. I personally like the giant wooden sculptures of Alberto Morucci and the antique mirrors in the corner shop directly ahead. Each gateway opens into a courtyard and is worth a peek and a photo.

    The piazza is beautifully decorated on the first weekend of May for the "San Pellegrino in Fiore" flower festival.

    Have a look to your right up at the swallows tail battlements which embellish the former convent.

    They symbolize the faction that was pro-emperor, the Ghibellines. This is unexpected in a former papal city.

    Feel free to spend some time here. When you're done or if you're ready to move on, head diagonally across the piazza to the left from where you entered and turn into Via San Pellegrino, then keep going.

    There you'll enter the heart of the medieval quarter of San Pellegrino. The architectural ensemble is so well preserved that its often used as a movie set.

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