• LOCATION 2 | Stories and Secrets of Viterbo

    Piazza S. Sisto

    Keep walking straight, past the Church on your right. Thats the San Sisto church.

    Make your way up the street ahead, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, staying to the left-hand side of the street

    Early travellers called Viterbo the town of beautiful fountains and beautiful women. But since this part of the city was bombed during World War II, most buildings in this area are post-war and date from about 1948-50.

    A fantastic night time procession is held in Santa Rosa’s honor every year on September 3rd. 100 men act as the porters of Santa Rosa, carrying a 30 meter high candlelit tower known as the Macchina of Santa Rosa, through the darkened town.

    At the end of August, the Macchina is set up next to the bell tower of San Sisto church. After a blessing ceremony inside the church, the porters take their places beneath the tower. They then hoist it on their shoulders and march it down the sloping street to Piazza Fontana Grande, where it makes a first stop. Thats where you're headed next.

    Keep walking.

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