• LOCATION 3 | Stories and Secrets of Viterbo

    Piazza Fontana Grande

    We've reached the Piazza Fontana Grande, with its beautiful stepped fountain.

    Lets stop here for a moment while I tell you about it.


    The large fountain is one of the stopping points of the Macchina. You'll see its marked by a circular brass insert in the pavement. The Piazza takes its name from the water feature.

    The fountain dates from the 1200's. Vendors at the weekly market would set up their wares on its steps. A half size replica of this famous fountain can be found at the harbor of the Greek island of Rhodes.

    Look past the fountain and to the right.

    You'll see a fork with two roads branching off.

    The left road is Via Cavour. It was once called Via Farnesian after the noble Farnese dynasty whose arms can be seen on buildings at both corners of the street.

    Note there are no wires crossing the street because the Macchina passes along this route.

    Feel free to spend some time in the Piazza.

    When you're ready to go, continue walking past the fountain and along Via Cavour. Keep to the left hand side of the street.

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