• LOCATION 22 | Stories and Secrets of Viterbo

    Medieval Quarter

    Continue along Via San Pellegrino.

    The Medieval Quarter is dotted with unique and hidden spots.

    The alley just ahead on your right, via dei Centoponti, hides a surprising garden with a pond full of ducks and swans. Feel free to pop down there to take a look if you like.

    This area was off limits for visitors to Viterbo during the 1800s-1900s. Back then, it was without sewers and considered dangerous and ugly. Now its a UNESCO protected site, being one of the best preserved medieval quarters in Europe.

    Its an oasis of peace during the day, with numerous artisans, designers and decorators located in the area. I recommend popping in to some of the shops along the way.

    In the evening, students flock to the restaurants and bars which line via San Pellegrino and the area becomes very lively.

    As you walk along the narrow street, take note of the outside staircases, known as profferlo. They exist only in the medieval section.

    Keep an eye out for the many arches, balconies and towers built for prestige and defense. Most were constructed between the 12th and 13th centuries by the city's wealthy families.

    Keep going along Via San Pellegrino.

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