• LOCATION 5 | Stories and Secrets of Viterbo

    Casa Poscia and Palazzo Brugiotti

    Stop here for a moment opposite the stone steps across the street.


    Have a look at the arched building above the steps.

    Thats Casa Poscia. It has a typical medieval staircase known as a profferlo.

    Viterbo is a layer cake of history and architecture and has become increasingly popular due to the the presence of several international schools here.

    Now have a look at the building you're standing in front of. Its the one with the second-storey balcony.

    This is Palazzo Brugiotti. Its the seat of the Ceramics Museum, and it has free entry.

    Feel free to pop inside to have a peek at its elegant courtyard.

    When you're done or if you prefer to keep moving, just continue walking down the street in the same direction you've been going.

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