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    We've arrived at our last stop, the northern side of St. Stephens Cathedral.

    It is still fully operational and therefore you cannot go through the whole church as large parts are still used for prayer.

    If you look at the two towers, you will recognize that the south tower is really high, with a spire and all. The north tower looks very much unfinished and of course, it is unfinished.

    We have a grim legend and a boring true story, why that tower is unfinished. The legend goes like this: The Catholic architect of the north tower ran out of time. Because of that he conjured up the devil and told the devil: "Please help me, I need to finish that tower in time". The devil was very helpful and told him: "Yes, I will help you but you are not allowed to speak the name of the Holy Mother Mary again in your whole life". "What? That's it? No problem! We have a deal" the architect replied. He was not a totally bright man, as his fiancee was named Mary. The tower rose very fast then and as it was nearing completion the devil conjured up an image of the fiancee on the scaffolding, nearly tipping over. The architect cried out: "Oh no! Mary!", the devil swooped in, took the soul of the architect and the tower collapsed. And because of this curse, whenever we try to rebuild the tower it will collapse again!

    The boring truth: the calculations for the tower were added up incorrectly, so the tower collapsed and the church did not have the money to rebuild it. End of story.

    This is where I'll be leaving you.

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