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    Continue along Goldschmidgasse.

    This street connects Stephansplatz, with another square called Petersplatz. The street used to be the main address for all goldsmiths, hence the name.
    Nowadays you'll find places like an old American style bar called Sparky's, coming up on your right, which is frequented by locals and tourists alike.

    Straight ahead is a beautiful baroque church called "Peterskirche", fashioned after the Petersdome in Rome. It's the main church of a Catholic organisation called "Opus Dei" in Vienna. Opus Dei is the followup organisation of the Spanish Inquisition and if you've seen or read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, those are the bad guys in that story. Of course, they're not as bad as depicted in the movie or book, but they are our church hardliners.

    The Catholic church is no longer a political force in Vienna, but financially they are very much a factor. During medieval times in the city, whenever a noble person died without an heir, the church got the property by default. So nowadays about 60 percent of the first district is owned by the Catholic church.

    Continue to Petersplatz.

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