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  • LOCATION 3 | The Vienna Food Walk

    Julius Meinl

    Stop here a moment, as you reach Graben.

    The streets that you've been walking on are the most expensive shopping streets you will find in Vienna. That's why there are nearly no Austrian shops left here. It's all international brands and their flagship stores, because rent is very expensive. But there is always an exception to every rule and here that is Julius Meinl, the shop on your left.

    Julius Meinl is the largest coffee roaster in Vienna, but it also used to be a supermarket chain. The current owner Julius Meinl the fifth decided that he no longer wanted to be a merchant, so he sold off all the supermarkets and went into banking. So here is the last Julius Meinl supermarket left and it is over the top expensive. Locals do go shopping here, but just for the high holidays like Christmas and new years, because they have the best quality. So if you are interested in a very nice supermarket, feel free to have a look inside.

    When you're done or if you prefer to keep moving, with your back to Juilius Meinl, walk down Graben towards Stephansplatz. I'll meet you further along Graben.

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