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    Am Hof

    Stop here for a moment and turn to face the square.

    This is Am Hof. It used to be the financial centre of the city of Vienna. Used to be - because the 2008 financial crisis hit Austrian banks quite hard and most of them are no longer under Austrian control.

    For example, the Park Hyatt building. If you're facing the square, it's the large stone building with the blue roof, in the far right corner.

    It used to be the main office of Bank Austria - now an Italian bank. But fear not. Just to the left of the Park Hyatt, there is a Benedictine abbey and as everybody knows the Benedictines are the financial arm of the Catholic church, so there is still a bank and a large one for that matter.

    But the most important building is directly opposite the abbey and which you're standing very close to: The fire brigade of the first district. It most likely has some fire trucks parked in front. If you are really interested in the fire brigade, there is even a museum inside.

    Also on nearly every building in this square, you will see four red and white flags. These flags mean that the buildings are protected by the city of Vienna, They cannot be changed, inside or out. If you want to modernize, you have to use the original plans and it has to look the same even inside.

    Ok, let's continue to our next stop.

    Turn so the square is on your right and make your way straight head onto Färbergasse, the small street between the buildings. I'll meet you further along it.

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