• LOCATION 15 | Vardø: Pomors, Radars and Witches in the Far North

    Steilneset Memorial - Memory Hall

    Stop here for a moment at the entrance to the hall.

    The witch trials here in Vardø are very well documented. The trials were meant to protect innocent citizens from the supposed dark side – the witchcraft, and were organized by the local authorities. Through the documentation, we can learn what happened to each witch, and as you walk through the Peter Zumthor installation, you will discover their fate.

    As you may see, it wasn't only adult witches – young girls were also accused and tried, but none of them were found guilty. It was a brutal and frightening time.

    Now, please walk through the entire Hall –and leave through the door at the end of the wooden walkway.

    The information posters throughout the hall are only in Norwegian, but you will find the same information in other languages in brochures to the left in the hall.

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Vardø: Pomors, Radars and Witches in the Far North