• LOCATION 14 | Vardø: Pomors, Radars and Witches in the Far North

    Steilneset Memorial - Cube

    Please enter the cubed building.

    As you can see, the buildings are both very unique in shape. The cubed building that houses Bourgeois' installation is fabricated from steel and tinted glass, forming walls that protect and surround the installation.

    Inside, the artist has created a metal chair with flames through its seat. Reflections from the seven mirrors in the ceiling act as a symbol of the judges circling the condemned.

    It was said that the result of the trials were “God’s will”. As a test, the accused were bound hand and foot and thrown into the water. If the person floated, it was sign of their guilt. If they sunk, they were innocent. During the Vardø witch trials, all those that were subjected to “trial by water” floated – and were therefore guilty in the eyes of God.

    Once you've had a look at the installation, please continue to the small, wooden bridge to enter the Memory Hall and walk through it.

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Vardø: Pomors, Radars and Witches in the Far North