• LOCATION 16 | Cycling the Stanley Park Seawall

    Siwash Rock

    You are now approaching Siwash Rock. This large basaltic rock sticking up out of the water is about 18 meters tall.

    The original Douglas Fir tree growing atop the rock died in 1965. The parks board tried for 3 years to establish a new fir in this inhospitable environment, before the current tree finally took root.

    The Seawall took nearly 70 years to build. The creation is attributed to James Cunningham the master stonemason.
    It is said that he could be found all hours of the day or night working on the seawall. Sometimes he was out there in his pajamas building parts of the path all by himself.

    Cunningham persuaded Mountain View Cemetery to donate broken tombstones, so at times you are riding over grave markers of the dead.

    James Cunningham died before completion, but his ashes were interred into the seawall in a nook near Siwash Rock.

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Cycling the Stanley Park Seawall