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    Port of Vancouver and Killer Whales

    The Port of Vancouver is the largest port in Canada and the Pacific Northwest and handles the most diversified rand of cargo of any port in North America. The Port has had to start looking at the impact such a busy port is having on the environment and wildlife. The Metro Vancouver port was the first port in the world to work with Sir Richard Branson on implementing a rating system for assessing a ship’s greenhouse gas emission and to offer discounted harbour dues to for fuel efficient vessels. More work still needs to be done to make the port sustainable.

    Beneath the ships are endangered killer whales. The whales use sound to hunt, navigate and communicate. Vessel noises can make this difficult. Underwater noise has been identified as a key threat to killer whales. The propellers of large ships create high levels of underwater noise and the faster the vessels go the more noise they create. In 2017, maritime traffic was asked to slow down in and around the feeding areas of whales, in the hopes of lowering our impact on these incredible animals.

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Cycling the Stanley Park Seawall