• LOCATION 24 | Cycling the Stanley Park Seawall

    Lost Lagoon

    We are now almost finished the Stanley Park Seawall Loop.
    Lost Lagoon is the last major landmark.
    Lost lagoon was appropriately named when it was a tidal flat that virtually disappeared during low tide.
    But the park board felt the shifting tides of Lost Lagoon created a smelly and unattractive entrance to the park and so they built the Stanley park causeway and sealed the lagoon off from the rest of Coal Harbour.
    Then in the 30’s the salt water was drained and replaced with fresh water, in an attempt to stock it with trout for use as a fisherman’s preserve.
    Ducks and geese call Lost lagoon home, as well as a new discovery; The Blob of Vancouver.
    The blob is a colony of tiny organisms called bryoan, with very ancient lineage. It was discovered by an amateur naturalist.
    The blob colony is found almost exclusively in Mississippi. It is similar in appearance to a deflated basketball sized peeled lychee.

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Cycling the Stanley Park Seawall