• LOCATION 10 | Cycling the Stanley Park Seawall

    Girl in a Wetsuit

    Do you see the statue on the rock to your right? No, you are not in Copenhagen, and no she is not a mermaid. She is a modern woman.

    You are looking at “the girl in the wetsuit” by Elek Imredy.

    The sculptor’s wife said “She represents Vancouver’s dependence on the sea and the necessity to use the sea for the benefit of all.”

    The sculpture had an unusual unveiling that allowed two young girls to "accidentally stroll into Vancouver History".
    At the unveiling it was announced that "The girl in the wetsuit" belonged to everyone who used the park and therefore the honour of unveiling the sculpture should go to the first citizen who strolled into view along the seawall. They waited ten minutes in the rain, before two 15 year old Navy League Wrenettes came walking along arm-in-arm. The girls were given the honor, and together pulled a string from shore that reached to a canvas covering the sculpture and the unveiling was achieved.

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Cycling the Stanley Park Seawall