• LOCATION 15 | Cycling the Stanley Park Seawall

    Active Vancouverites

    Whenever I leave the crowds, the traffics jams and the action of downtown Vancouver and I cross the causeway into Stanley park, I can’t help admire early Vancourites foresight to leave such a large chunk of prime real estate relatively untouched.
    Nowadays Vancouver has a reputation of being very active and almost health obsessed. In fact Time Magazine named Vancouver one of the healthiest cities in the world.
    We attribute this to a temperate climate with mild winters, and sea to mountain geography. As well as locally-sourced seafood, fruits and veggies.
    Given that Stanley Park, was preserved as natural park since the beginning of the city of Vancouver, it makes me believe that our healthy lifestyles are thanks in a large part to the original settlers of Vancouver.

    Not only are Vancouverites very active but they are also extremely multicultural.
    Today, close to half of the population speaks a language other than English as their first language.
    There are currently 7.6 million speakers of non-official languages, with Arabic being the fastest growing language. The wonderful Neighbourhoods of Chinatown, Punjabi Market and Little Italy allow visitors to really experiencing Vancouver's multiculturalism.

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Cycling the Stanley Park Seawall