Allerona: Within the walls of an Umbrian hilltown

    Elizabeth heath
    24 Oct 2017
    Clock 30min      Length1mi
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    Porta della Luna

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    Stop here for a moment to admire the Porta della Luna.

    [1.5 SECOND PAUSE]

    This is the other original entrance to the town. Like Porta del Sole, this too once had a drawbridge that could be closed against attacking forces. Still, when French king Charles VIII waged war to conquer the Kingdom of Naples in 1494 and 1495, he rampaged down the Italian peninsula and destroyed Allerona's castle walls en route. Wherever you see slanted walls, you're seeing the original castle walls. They're the walls that start with a wide base and taper in as they rise.

    If you're ready to get going, head back up the street, and take a right at the bar.