• LOCATION 10 | Allerona: Within the walls of an Umbrian hilltown

    Porte dei Morti

    Turn left at the top of Via Nuova then keep going.

    [1.5 SECOND PAUSE]

    Have a look around you for what seem like small windows or doorways that have been closed by brick or stone. In popular legend they're called porte dei morti, or doors of the dead. The superstition was that once Death entered the house, he'd come back again. So when a person died, the body would be carried out a different door, in order to trick Death. More likely, these buildings were modified extensively over time, and old doors were closed up when new ones were opened. But doors of the dead makes a much better story!

    Turn right into the street ahead, Via della Madonnina and keep walking.

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Allerona: Within the walls of an Umbrian hilltown