Allerona: Within the walls of an Umbrian hilltown

    Elizabeth heath
    24 Oct 2017
    Clock 30min      Length1mi
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    Piazza della Chiesa

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    Stop here for a moment at the Piazza della Chiesa to get the lay of the land.

    Ahead of you is Allerona's main church, Santa Maria della Assunta. According to our priest, Don Luigi, the present building was constructed in the 1200s, and it likely predates the castle. A stone set on the exterior is inscribed 1626, the year that the church was expanded. The octagonal-shaped apse to the right is part of an 1890s addition. Don Luigi once described the style to me as "poor Baroque". Allerona was never wealthy enough for a grand church, so the decorations inside include a lot of faux marble painting and modest adornments.

    Now, make your way over to the church entrance.