Allerona: Within the walls of an Umbrian hilltown

    Elizabeth heath
    24 Oct 2017
    Clock 30min      Length1mi
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    Covered passageway

    Pay wave

    Let's stop under the passageway for a moment.

    Paolo walked me through Allerona when we first started dating. I thought it was the most magical place. I took a picture of him standing under this passageway. It's still one of my favorite photos and memories. It's easy to take it for granted and forget just how unique and beautiful Allerona is when you live here and go through your daily business of life. This passageway always reminds me to remember. We took all our wedding photos in the town on the day we married, including here in this passageway. Our photos look like they could have been taken on a movie set.

    If you're ready, keep going down Via degli Orti.