A stroll around the Inner Circle

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    22 Mar 2019
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    Olav den hellige

    Olav den hellige
    A stroll around the Inner Circle

    Hi there and welcome to Trondheim – the city where vikings and kings have ruled the streets long before us. Lets follow in their footsteps!

    My name is Lars, and I am proud to be your guide through the inner centre of the city today.

    We begin our tour here, beside the statue of Olav Tryggvason. If you're wondering who Olav is - he was king of Norway between 995 and 1000 AD and founded Trondheim in 997. He's also famous for building the first Christian church in Norway. For those who have read old, Icelandic sagas, Olav is frequently mentioned.

    If you turn your back to the direction Olav is facing, you can see the tall steeple of the Nidaros Cathedral at the end of the street.

    That's where we will finish our tour today. But before we end up at the cathedral, we'll take a small trip around the inner centre of Trondheim, exploring the city life and history.

    So, let's get going.

    Turn with your back to the cathedral and make your way along the street ahead of you, Munkegata. Be sure to stay on the right hand side of the street.

    We're walking in the direction of the seaside of Trondheim. You might be able to make out the island of Munkholmen in the distance. I'll tell you more about it later.

    Keep going, I'll meet you a little further along Munkegata, staying on the right side of the street.