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    The Law Steps Up

    The Law Steps Up  on Toledo, Ohio audio tour Unholy Toledo Tour: Gambling and Gangsters in the Glass City

    We're going to follow Edgewater as it curves to the right and becomes 131st Street and stay on it to Summit Street. I'll fill you in on what happened after the Kennedy hit as we roll along.

    As a result of Kennedy’s murder, Prosecutor Frazier Reams ordered all the slot machines and gambling devices in the county seized. When Sheriff Kreiger and Chief of Toledo Police Wolfe said that they couldn't find any, Reams sent a published letter to them in which he said that if they didn't know the addresses he would be happy to show them.​

    Reams believed that without money to finance all their illegal activities, the Licavoli gang wouldn't be able to function. To that end, he ordered all illegal activities in the city to be suspended. No booze, no gambling, no women, no anything. All of Licavoli's illegal enterprises were shut down tight. With the lid on organized crime in Toledo, it wasn't long before the Licavoli crime family imploded.​

    As 1933 drew to a close, the residents of northern Ohio saw Licavoli's main enforcer Wop English found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison.​

    Yonnie Licavoli's trial was next and then Jacob Firetop Sulkin’s followed. Ironically, Licavoli and English received life in prison while Sulkin was sentenced to death. Sulkin's sentence was later reduced to life in prison.​

    1934 saw an end to the public side of the Licavoli Gang. The conviction of Wop English, and Yonnie Licavoli's trial, coupled with the legal implications and jail time for the remaining members of Yonnie's Toledo gang, assured Toledoans of the gang's demise.​

    Let's turn left at Summit Street.

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Unholy Toledo Tour: Gambling and Gangsters in the Glass City