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    The Death of Jimmy Hayes

    The Death of Jimmy Hayes on Toledo, Ohio audio tour Unholy Toledo Tour: Gambling and Gangsters in the Glass City

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    While Frazier Reams and the prosecutor's office did their best to clean up Toledo, the violence wasn't over. On the morning of Thursday, October 4, 1934, local headlines blared the discovery of Jimmy Hayes' body in a Detroit alley. Hayes traveled to Detroit with a party of friends and business associates to attend the World Series's opening game between Detroit and St. Louis. He reportedly checked into the Book-Cadillac Hotel and was later spotted in the company of several members of the Detroit mob faction headed by Yonnie's brother Pete at the Club Maxine. Among those seen with Hayes were Charles Bracco and the infamous Joe Massie, a gunman known to have committed several killings on behalf of the Licavoli interests. At the time, the events leading to the discovery of Hayes's shot-gunned body remained unanswered. Still, speculation was the hit was in retaliation for Hayes’ involvement in gambling in Northern Michigan. By operating in the Detroit family's backyard and refusing to pay or allow them a piece of the action, much like the situation years before in Cleveland, Hayes had made himself a target of the Detroit mob. Later reports pointed to the start of the Licavoli trial for murder and the rumor that Hayes had secretly given testimony detailing Toledo's Licavoli activities. Whatever the case, Jimmy Hayes is officially listed as the 15th and final victim in the battle for control of Toledo's rackets during the Unholy Toledo era.​

    By the end of 1934, the depression in Lucas County was holding strong, Toledoans still didn't have adequate employment, but they did have the illusion of security returning to their streets.​

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