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    Kennedy Hit | 5902 Edgewater Drive

    Kennedy Hit | 5902 Edgewater Drive on Toledo, Ohio audio tour Unholy Toledo Tour: Gambling and Gangsters in the Glass City

    Pull into the parking lot here on your right.

    Roughly seven months after the murder of Louise Bell at Superior and Jackson and just a month after the fight at Acme Sales on Monroe and Michigan, the Licavolli gang came after Jack Kennedy with a vengeance. Many of Jack's friends and his own mother begged him to leave town after the June incident but Jack chose to rent a cottage on 136th Street in Point Place until things cooled off.

    On the evening of July 7th, 1933, after a swim in Maumee Bay, Kennedy and his new girlfriend, Audrey Ralls, a stunning local beauty queen, took a short walk to George Neumeyer’s Grocery store on Edgewater Drive. After returning back to Jack's rented cottage on 136th Street in Point Place, Audrey determined the milk they had just purchased was sour and they decided to return to the grocery store for a fresh bottle, leaving Kennedy's bodyguard behind. Kennedy and Ralls walked to the Edgewater grocery store for the second time that evening.

    According to the store owner, Mr. Neumeyer, it was 9:40 P.M. when he heard the first shots. Kennedy was shot at the corner of Edgewater Drive and 140th Street, in front of the hardware store (now a parking lot) located next to the grocery. It was all over in just a few seconds—Jack Kennedy was gunned down at the age of 25 in front of multiple witnesses in Point Place.​

    More than 500 people attended Jack's funeral at the Gasiorowski's Funeral Home on Monday, July 10th. An additional 300 people met the funeral when the procession arrived at Calvary Cemetery.​

    The following is a re-enactment of Audrey’s first-hand description of the shooting dramatized by the 419 Podcast crew.

    A few notes of interest about Audrey Ralls:​​

    According to the police report, it was Audrey who decided the milk was sour and they needed to make a second trip back to the store. There was no milk bottle at the scene of the murder.

    Why was Audrey safely pulled to the side by the murderers? Ken Dickson noted in a 2003 interview with The Blade that Ms. Ralls returned to Kennedy's Point Place cottage after the slaying and received several phone calls.

    Audrey gave a report to the police immediately following the murder. After that, she protested over being harassed by the police and refused to cooperate. She quietly left town.

    Audrey showed up in Houston, Texas in the 1940 census working for Gulf Brewing Company, makers of Grand Prize Beer. The company was founded by Howard Hughes the millionaire of aviation and movie fame.

    Audrey Ralls died in Houston, Texas in 1982.​

    [Re-enactment of police interview]

    Okay, let's make a left out of the parking lot back on to Edgewater Drive and follow it back to Summit Street.

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