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    Reines Street

    Reines Street on Tel Aviv audio tour The White City

    You’ve reached Reines Street. Stop here for a moment.

    Notice how it runs not far from the main Dizengoff Street, but it is much less vibrant. At night, it is less lit and the ficus trees add to its dark atmosphere.

    Turn right onto Reines and keep walking while I tell you more.

    When Dizengoff Street started to be a place to see and be seen, young men and women went on dates in its theatres, cinemas, cafes and restaurants. They even invented a nickname for that activity - Le’hizdangeff, to walk along Dizengoff Street and visit its attractions.

    Imagine yourself as a young man in the 1950’s. What would you do if you weren’t interested in showing off your date? You would take her here, on a stroll in the less illuminated Reines Street. This led to another Hebrew slang - “Reines Girls”. In the Hebrew slang dictionary you will find the explanation: a Reines Girl is a less attractive girl that one feels shy to walk with on Dizengoff Street. Thankfully, 1950’s misogyny is long gone and young Israelis don’t use this slur anymore.

    Continue along Reines street until you reach Dizengoff Square.

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