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    Hanna Rovina’s House

    Hanna Rovina’s House on Tel Aviv audio tour The White City

    Stop next to 36 Gordon Street. There’s a sign sticking from the pavement, that mentions the great actress Hanna Rovina.

    One of the founders of HaBima Theatre, she was probably the 1930s Tel Aviv equivalent of Julie Andrews to name a prominent Broadway star. Actually, the stardom that Rovina achieved might be more similar to that of Madonna, or Beyonce to state a more recent example. She was a fierce actress, admired by all who had seen her on stage.

    Let's keep moving. Just keep going straight.

    Ever an independent woman, Rovina gave birth to a baby girl, out of matrimony - extremely rare in 1930s Tel Aviv. In that sense, she crystallized the free spirit, that Tel Aviv later adopted as part of its DNA. The father of the baby was the famous poet Alexander Penn. The love affair that they had was hot gossip rumored all around Tel Aviv. Their story later served as inspiration for books and plays about the bohemian life in the White City of Tel Aviv.

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